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Powder River Hats

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Come on in. We're glad you stopped by to check out our rare cowboy gear and our western hats handmade to your specifications.

We are open for business

We construct our hats using the tried and true methods from the early 1900s. Each hat is hand made and we use only the highest quality materials. We offer up to 100% beaver felt in a variety of colors and styles.

Our custom hats get around. Country singer Kix Dunne and actor Larry Sellers have hats made by the Powder River Hat Company. And, our hats have gone to country western singers Brooks & Dunn, Toby Keith; to the Marlboro Man; and to National Finals Rodeo competitors. NFR Barrel Racer, Shali Lord, is a repeat customer.

Incidentally, about 25% of our hats are custom made for women. Why? Because they like the way we can shape their hats to complement their facial features.

By the way, if your favorite hat is getting a bit worn and looking rough, we can clean and block it for you, or if it is really in bad shape, we can restore it for you to like new condition.

We also have a supply of straw hats on hand for summer. Let us know what your desires are and we can sure meet your needs.

Here is what one of our satisfied customers wrote:

"In a small shop, set on Main Street in Elizabeth, Colorado, in a place called Powder River. A place dedicated to laughter, work, family and a way of live rarely seen in this modern age of hustle and greed.

Behind the counter of this little shop of wonders you'll find Brook Briddle, a man with everything the world could ask of a person. He has a wonderful wife, Mindy, whom he loves more than anything in the world. If you don't believe me, you should see the look in his eye when she passes him. He has two daughters who are as intelligent and sassy as they come, yet still manage to be fearless and respectful at the same time.

Now what makes this man and this little corner of the world so special? Well you see, Brook is an artist. Now he doesn't sit with a brush and canvas and he doesn't mold clay into beautiful sculptures. He has a form of art that is all his own--he is a hatter. Brook has the ability to take any form of head wear and transform it into a "lid"; fit for the head of even the grandest king.

With the most meticulous attention to detail and his spot-on eye for personality he can give any hat a unique a style and look as the person he is making it for. But, the thing about Brook that keeps him from being just another hatter is himself. He has a creed and a style to his personality that's all his own and it sets him apart from any "business person" you would meet. With his old-fashioned cowboy ways, and his ever-present smile you never feel like he's doing business, but more like you're just talking to a friend you haven't seen in a while. And he's just giving you friendly advice on a new piece of head gear.

So whether you're looking for a hat that would make you the envy of any scene, or just looking for a good old-fashioned cowboy conversation, stop by Powder River and you'll find it. From a good joke, to philosophy right doe to typing a knot in a rope, Powder River holds the key to finding just what you're looking for in the western cowboy way of life."

Chris Thomas

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Video courtesy of Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Click here to see their website.

:Powder River hats ready for pickup by customers

Other items we carry.

- Rare hard to find cowboy gear

- Handmade knives

- Hatbands

- Ranch ropes

- Saddle slickers like they used to be

- Books

- Vests

- Glad rags for your neck

- Hat protectors and cleaning supplies

Our shop is on Main Street in Elizabeth, Colorado, across from the Elizabeth Library.

Powder River Hat Co.

Website by Fred.

Please get in touch with us so that we can send you sales and special offers from time to time!

You can e-mail us at:

Powder River Hat Co. LLC, 211C Main Street, Elizabeth, CO 80107 Tel: 303 646-6999