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Powder River Hats

Caring for Your New Custom Hat

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You paid good money for your new hat, take good care of it.

In order for your new Powder River Hat to look its best for the longest time we recommend the following care.

When handling your hat, don't handle it by the crown. Many people mistakenly do this as they grab the hat and place it on their head and adjust it. The best way is to handle the hat by its brim and then adjust it properly on your head by holding the front and back of the brim. Be sure before handling your hat, that your hands (especially your fingertips) are clean of excess oil, dust, or dirt.

The best place to store your hat is on your head. Of course you can't always keep it there, but when the hat is not comfortably on your head:

- Store it upside down with its original packaging inside its original box.

- Store it upside down on its crown, or

- Store it right side up on a proper hat stand.

Never place your hat right side up on its brim. This causes the brim to warp and become misshapen. If this happens you will have to get a professional with a hat steamer to reshape it.

The more you wear your hat, the more comfortable it will feel. Why? Because a well made hat will conform to the shape of your head. Therefore, don't leave your hat near a heat source. The artificial heat will cause the sweat band to contract and actually shrink the size of your hat. In some severe cases, it could become too small for you to wear. Accordingly, never leave your hat inside a hot car, inside a garage or closet that may be prone to getting hot.

If your hat gets extremely wet on a rainy day, carefully smooth out and round out the dents and creases to get it as even and round as possible. Turn up the brim if it has been turned down from the weight of the moisture. Then carefully turn down the sweatband to the outside and place your hat crown side up on the sweatband. Let your hat dry slowly. Do not try to speed up the drying process by putting it in an oven or using a blow-dryer. As we explained above, excess heat will cause your hat's sweatband to shrink. Once dried, carefully reform the creases to the hat's original shape.




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