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Powder River Hats

About Us

About Us
A few of our hats that we custom make.
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We have come a long way from our early days Glenwood Springs to our shop in Elizabeth, Colorado.

Our Business Philosophy

We are excited about cowboy hats!! We get the hat right for you and when we finish your personal hat, we want you to be so pleased that you show everyone how great it is.

A Little Background About Powder River Hat Company.

Powder River Hat Co's Brook Briddle

We make some of the highest quality hats that money can buy. Each one is made from raw bodies of the purest materials that we can find. We like to sit our customers down in our antique barber chair and measure all the curves of your head and get really accurate measurements that insure your new hat fits comfortably and correctly. We handle the production process from start to finish right here in our shop.

How did we get started? Well, the proprietor, Brook Briddle, has been interested in hats since he was a boy growing up in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. There he used to go and watch a local hat maker, Joyce Meyer, for hours on end as she practiced her craft.

After thus whetting his appetite, he eventually moved to Durango, Colorado, and landed a job with O'Farrell's Hat Shop where he stayed for eight years. During his time there, he helped with renovations to the shop and added a section in the store focused solely on the sale of cowboy hats. While there, he found that he had a real talent for shaping hats to complement a person's face and their unique facial features.

Brook then moved on to Phoenix, Arizona, where he worked in a western store and, of course, added a hat shop. This move increased the store's inventory of hats from about 42 to some 1,500 in stock. As a result, the magazine, "Arizona's Finest," published an article about Brook and the store; he was also featured on three local morning television shows.

But, even with this success, he missed the cowboy lifestyle that he had back in Colorado. Thus, he returned to the eastern front range of Colorado deciding to make hats. Initially he was in livestock and horse trailer sales where he was able to develop a list of potential customers from his business contacts. In 2004 Brook opened the Elizabeth, Colorado shop you see here on the website. He has added rare hard to find cowboy gear, handmade knives, straw hats for summer, and a variety of cowboy accessories.

Business is growing. Come see Brook and order a hat that will fit you like a glove and last for years.

Powder River Hat Co. LLC, 211C Main Street, Elizabeth, CO 80107 Tel: 303 646-6999